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  • Divorce mediation (typically 2-4 hours)

  • Separation agreements

  • Florida Supreme Court required divorce papers completed for both husband and wife.

  • Modification of divorce final judgments or paternity disputes may also be mediated and papers


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Settle your dispute for only $195 per hour per couple

When you are facing marital issues, you can use a mediator who can help settle your divorce issues quickly and inexpensively. If you live in the Jacksonville, FL area, or the northeast area of Florida, contact Dan Warner of The Mediation Center for a free telephone consultation.


Receive confidential divorce mediation services, which will help you and your significant other identify, discuss, and address issues in order to develop a mutually accepted agreement. Luckily, in North Florida, 90% of divorces are resolved in mediation. You will settle your issues quicker, within 60 days, and for far less.

Understand the benefits of mediation

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Some of the divorce mediation services you can receive from us are:

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Peacefully resolve conflicts with divorce mediation. Some examples are:

  • Asset division

  • Division of debts

  • Retirement division

  • Marital home issues

  • Alimony issues

  • Foreclosure/divorce issues

  • Removing one spouse from house deed



  • Removing one spouse from mortgage

  • Tax issues

  • Business ownership

  • Self-employment issues

  • Child support issues

  • Parenting plan & time sharing with children

  • Parental and extended family disputes

  • Custody disputes

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"Dan was thorough and definitely knows what he's doing. Communication in between meetings is lacking a bit, but overall he did a great job for us during this difficult time. And he will answer your calls or texts promptly if you have any questions - and he doesn't charge for that! Dan provides a great service." - Tamera


"Dan helped me and my ex wife both and was much cheaper than hiring two lawyers. He helped us agree on a fair deal for both of us and got everything done quickly." - Jim


"Dan is smart, experienced and really knows how to get the job done. This was much easier and less expensive than hiring 2 lawyers " - Tracy


"Dan is fair and affordable lawyer and mediator." - Jordan


"Very concise and accommodating!" - Randall